A Day in the Life at Amber Shay Dental: Your Smile is Our Priority

Our day at Amber Shay Dental starts early, as the sun is just beginning to peek over the horizon. The aroma of brewing coffee mingling with the scent of toothpaste, and the sterilization process for dental equipment has already begun in preparation for a day of enhancing smiles. While our wonderful human resources team is already hard at work, setting appointments and fielding questions from nervous first-time patients or recurring ones with inquiries.

A Warm Welcome to Start the Day

Amber Shay Dental prides itself on the warm welcome our receptionist, Cindy, provides to each patient as they step through the door. Morning greetings filled with kindness, compassion, and a little fun have a way of easing any anxiety. She’s often heard saying, “Your dental health journey shouldn’t be filled with fear. We’re here to take care of your teeth and your wellbeing.”

After checking in, patients enjoy our comfortable and amicable waiting room, adorned with soothing hues and gentle lighting. Here, any remaining apprehension melts away. The calm atmosphere is frequently filled with light chatter and the occasional peal of laughter, creating an air of camaraderie that makes any apprehension melt away.

Personalized Treatment and Friendly Faces

At the heart of our service are Dr. Amber Shay and her talented team of dental hygienists, each with a mission to deliver the best personalized dental care for every patient. They’re dedicated to ensuring that each patient’s experience is painless, seamless, and even enjoyable! Have a dentist anxiety? Speak about it and they are here to allay your fears.

Break times in the nooks of the clinic provide opportunities for our team to bond over shared experiences and shared goals. Over a cup of coffee at the pantry or a quick stroll outside, every team member shares new dental healthcare advancements learned, different patient experiences, or even simple anecdotes about their day.

We’re Here for Your Teeth and More!

In the world of dentistry, there’s never a dull day at Amber Shay Dental. From different cases to unique patients to surprise situations, the team is always ready. And beyond the technicalities of oral health, we are here to engage, educate, and encourage. After all, your smile is our priority!

Day’s end and the last patient bid farewell, the team gathers once again to recap the day’s events, review the day, and prepare for the next. Beyond the work, care, and service, we’re a family committed to make dental health accessible, and smiles brighter and healthier.