About Air-Ref Co. Inc.

Welcome to Air-Ref Co. Inc., the epitome of outstanding professionalism and unparalleled technical expertise in the realm of AC Repair and Air Conditioning Services. Based in South Florida, we’ve etched our unique signature across multiple cities including Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Boca Raton, and Deerfield Beach by our consistent commitment to quality.

AC Repair Services

In the unbearing heat of Floridian summers, our AC repair services in Delray Beach and Lake Worth come to the residents’ rescue. Our air conditioner repair services in Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach have also earned rave reviews for their quality and reliability. You can count on us for prompt and efficient AC services that prioritize your comfort above everything else.

Service Beyond Repairs

But there’s more to us than just repairs. Air-Ref Co. Inc. takes pride in offering comprehensive air conditioner services, including regular maintenance and air conditioning installations in Boynton Beach. Our team of certified professionals are always on standby, ready to serve you with the perfect blend of technical expertise, honesty, and unparalleled service quality.