Debunking Myths: Understand Furnace and Air Conditioning Maintenance

There are countless myths about heating and air conditioning maintenance that homeowners across Del Rio, Escalon, Rouse, Salida, Riverbank, and Modesto, CA have come across. This blog aims to debunk some popular myths, in order to help you avoid unnecessary furnace replacements and AC installations, as well as preventable air conditioning and furnace repairs.

Furnaces Need Frequent Replacement

Many people think that furnaces have to be replaced every few years, but this is not the case. A well-maintained furnace can last for about 15-20 years. If your furnace is well maintained, it may only need a routine repair instead of a complete replacement.

ACs Cool Better at Lowest Setting

Another common myth is that setting your AC to the lowest temperature will cool your house faster. Regardless of how low you set the temperature, your AC unit will cool at the same rate. Getting unsurpassed performance out of your AC requires understanding how it works and proper maintenance.

Furnaces are Dangerous

Many homeowners worry that their furnace may leak carbon monoxide and put their family at risk. Although it is true that a malfunctioning furnace can be a hazard, a furnace that is in good repair and properly maintained can be run without worrying. Ensure you have a regular furnace repair and maintenance schedule, which will include a carbon monoxide test.

Maintenance is a DIY Job

Lastly, you might have heard that maintaining your AC unit or furnace is a job you can handle yourself. In fact, it’s crucial to hire a professional to ensure that your appliances are running efficiently, safely, and have a longer lifespan. Contact a professional like Dycus Heating and Air to schedule regular maintenance.

In conclusion, understanding the true facts behind heating and air conditioning maintenance can help you avoid unnecessary costs and keep your home environment comfortable all year round. Trust the professionals at Dycus Heating and Air to debunk myths and get the job done right.