DIY Pool Maintenance Tips and Tricks That Every Homeowner Should Know

The joy of owning a pool is immeasurable, especially during the summer months. But, to keep it sparkling clean, it requires a bit of maintenance. Fortunately, with these hands-on DIY tips and tricks, you no longer need to feel overwhelmed about your pool upkeep.

Maintain Balanced Pool Chemistry

First and foremost, maintaining a balanced pool chemistry is key. The pH level of your pool water should be between 7.2 and 7.8. This is the optimal level needed for chlorine to work effectively. Measuring and adjusting these levels can usually be done with a basic pH testing kit, available in many home and garden stores.

Routine checks should be done at least once a week to ensure the water remains healthy and safe for usage. During peak usage season or after a heavy rainstorm, check the pH levels more frequently.

Skim and Scrub Regularly

The most straightforward task in pool maintenance is regular skimming and scrubbing. Skimming the pool’s surface every few days helps keep it clean of debris. When algae starts to grow, that’s when the scrub brush comes into play. Depending on growth rate, scrub your pool walls every fortnight or month.

For stubborn stains, an old sock filled with chlorine, and left on the stain for a few hours before scrubbing, should do the trick. But remember, safety first! Make sure to protect your hands with durable gloves.

Check and Clean Filter Baskets

Your pool’s filter is an essential part of maintenance. It rids your pool of dirt, leaves, and even small toys. It’s important to clean out your filter basket at least once a week. Turn off the filter, remove the basket, and remove any debris to ensure a clean filtration system.

Being mindful of the pressure gauge and flow rate can help maintain the health of the filter. Backwash, or clean the pipes, once the pressure rises over the normal operating range to ensure an optimally functioning system.

Shocking your Pool

Lastly, pool experts often refer to the term ‘shocking.’ This simply means super-chlorinating your pool to kill bacteria. This can be done about twice during the swim season or when the water looks murky.

Remember, running your pool’s circulation system while shocking can help distribute the chemicals evenly throughout the pool.

With these tips and tricks, pool maintenance can be a breeze. However, for bigger check-ups, consider hiring a professional pool maintenance company like Omega Pools for best results. Regular up-keep will allow you and your family to enjoy clean and healthy water all season long.