Top DIY Tips to Maintain Your Heating Systems

Knowledge about the basic maintenance of your heating systems can save you expensive repair costs. Whether you’re in Frankfort, Mokena, Tinley Park, New Lenox, or Joliet, IL, maintaining your furnace and heater is a crucial task. As a client of Magtek Mechanical, we strive to equip you with this necessary knowledge to ensure your comfort throughout the cold seasons.

Furnace Service Tips

The first step in maintaining your furnace is regular service. This includes cleaning and inspecting. Start by turning off the furnace, then use a soft cloth to clean the exterior. For the interior, remove the front panel and vacuum any obvious dust or debris. Checking its elements regularly to ensure they are operating correctly is an important way to prevent minor issues from escalating into high-priced repairs. However, if your furnace is older and servicing isn’t cutting it, it may be time for a

Heater Installation Tips

For optimal efficiency and safety, your heater should be installed by a professional. However, if you choose a DIY route, ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. Also, make sure to place the heater appropriately – avoid positioning it near combustible materials or blocking airflow around it. Positioning a heater correctly can drastically improve the efficiency of your heating system.

Controller Settings

The settings on your controller can contribute to enormous energy savings. Ensure that you’re familiar with your controller settings to optimize its energy usage. By adjusting your settings to suit your lifestyle needs, you can improve the efficiency of your furnace or heater while saving on your energy bills.

Furnace Repair Tips

Typical issues that may require a furnace repair include pilot light ignition problems, blower run continuously, the furnace not heating at all or not enough or the furnace is too noisy. Troubleshooting these problems may require a professional, but basic understanding of these problems can help you communicate your furnace repair needs effectively. If DIY isn’t your preferred route, consider reaching out to a professional Heating Repair Service.

Heating System Care for Your Illinois Home

Contrary to common belief, caring for your heating systems extends beyond winter preparation. Regular, year-round maintenance is crucial for an efficient, long-lasting heating system. Always remember to seek professional help if a repair or replacement is out of your expertise realm. At Magtek Mechanical, we provide top-notch furnace and heating services to ensure you’re comfortable no matter the season.