Your Complete Guide to Fun Activities Near D & K Heating & Cooling in Omaha, NE

Located in the heart-stirring city of Omaha, NE, we at D & K Heating & Cooling are proud to be part of such an active and vibrant community. Not only are we renowned for our high-quality heating and cooling solutions, furnace replacement, and heater installation, but we’re also lucky to reside where there’s a wealth of fun things to do. Here’s our guide to some fun activities near our location.

Discovering the Local Museums

Start your exploration with Omaha’s exceptional network of museums. Art enthusiasts will appreciate a visit to the Joslyn Art Museum, where you will get to see the exquisite permanent collection free of entry charge. Kids and invariably, adults as well, will fall in love with the Omaha Children’s Museum, a land full of entertaining and educational exhibits.

Revel in the Natural Beauty of Omaha

For those with an affinity for the great outdoors, the Fontenelle Forest Nature Center stands as a recreational oasis. With over 17 miles of hiking trails, bird watching opportunities, and educational exhibits, it serves as the perfect getaway amidst the bustling city. Similarly, the Lauritzen Gardens, Omaha’s botanical paradise, adds to the city’s natural allure with its spectacular flora.

Dive into the Gastronomic Delights

No guide is complete without mentioning Omaha’s food scene. After a fulfilling day exploring the city, nothing beats the satisfaction of a well-made meal. For this, drop by the Upstream Brewing Company, a popular local restaurant known for its craft beers and diversified menu. The Dundee Dell, one of Omaha’s classic food establishments, best known for its fish and chips, is also worth a stop.

Whether you’re a resident or just visiting Omaha, we hope this guide inspires you to explore the city’s lively culture, indulgent food scene, and beautiful sceneries in between your heating and cooling inquiries.