Busting the Myths About HVAC: Understanding Heating Service and Furnace Maintenance

In the world of HVAC – encompassing Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning – several myths have been circulating for years. American Home Heating & AC chooses not to sit back idly but instead step in to clear the air. This blog intends to debunk some of those myths, focusing on Heating Service and Furnace Maintenance.

Myth One: Changing the Filters Once a Year is Enough

One of the most common myths about heating service is that changing filters once a year is sufficient. However, this could not be farther from the truth. The recommended frequency for changing HVAC filters is every one to three months. The more the system is used, and depending on the quality of airborne dust, the frequency may increase.

Myth Two: A Bigger HVAC Unit is Always Better

Another common misconception is that a larger Heating unit offers better service. Contrary to this belief, an oversized unit can lead to constant on and off cycling resulting in energy waste, increased utility bills, and excess wear and tear of the system. The right size should be determined through a professional load calculation that takes into account various factors including home size and insulation.

Myth Three: Furnace Maintenance is Not Necessary

The last myth we would like to debunk involving furnace maintenance. Many people believe it is unnecessary and only adds unnecessary costs. Yet, this preventative measure significantly extends the lifespan of the unit and helps maintain its efficiency. The consequence of neglecting regular maintenance can be hefty repair costs or an unexpected system breakdown.

To wrap up, when it comes to HVAC care and maintenance, always consult with professional services like American Home Heating & AC, which offer reliable heating service, AC repair, furnace repair and furnace replacement in Lincoln, RI, Warwick, RI, Cranston, RI, East Greenwich, RI, East Providence,RI & Johnston, RI.