Mastering Your HVAC System: Tips & Tricks from J. E. Shekell

At J. E. Shekell, we pride ourselves on being a reliable, local AC repair and heating repair company that you can count on. Located in Princeton, we aim to ensure your home maintains optimum temperature and comfort. But we also understand that it might not always be clear what to do when your HVAC unit starts acting up. Here are some useful advice, tips, and tricks for better understanding your heating and cooling system.

Maintaining Your HVAC System

Like all appliances, HVAC systems require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to perform at their best. This can include seasonally relevant tasks, such as changing filters every 3 months during high-use seasons, i.e., summer and winter. Regular maintenance programs prolong the lifespan of your unit, ensuring it maintains peak efficiency.

Understanding HVAC System Sounds

Different noises emerging from your HVAC system can indicate various issues. These can range from loose hardware, to an overworked engine, or even motor-related problems. It’s important to pay attention to these sounds as they could be indicative of problems that would require the expertise of a trusted heating repair company like J. E. Shekell.

Balancing Your Indoor Climate

Efficiently using your AC and heating does not merely involve turning them on and off; it’s about how you manage your indoor space. Where you position furniture, the use of blinds and curtains, and even the colors in your rooms can affect how heat is distributed in your home, thus impacting the workload on your HVAC system. Smart home tools, such as automatic thermostats, can help you manage energy consumption better.

With J. E. Shekell, you not only get reliable AC and heating repair services, but also trustworthy advice to help you better manage your HVAC system. We’re dedicated to ensuring your home remains a comfortable sanctuary, regardless of what the weather outside may look like.